Our story.

Founded in London, drenched was born out of a collective need to stay healthy, safe and hydrated in our current times, whilst doing our part to promote sustainable living and work towards a cleaner planet for future generations.

As a brand we create innovative, stylish and eco-friendly reusable products that complement the typical active urban lifestyle, starting with our smart infuser reusable bottle.

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Our roots.

At drenched, our aim is to leave both the world and our customers healthier as a result of our involvement. Our reusable infuser bottles are a great start for cleaner, safer and tastier living.

Our motivation.

With every product we create, from the materials of our reusable infuser bottle itself to the packaging it comes in, our goal is to minimise our ecological footprint on the planet - one bottle at a time.

Our promise.

As a brand, we champion the highest quality standards at the core of our designs. Our products are smart, innovative and benefit from the latest technology, making it a pretty easy decision to ditch the plastic and save the planet.

drenched is your ideal hydration partner.

Fit your favourite vitamin-rich fruit, tea or detox water into your active lifestyle with our smart eco-friendly reusable infuser bottles. Our anti-scald safety technology and vacuum sealed design ensures your favourite drink stays at the perfect temperature - anywhere, anytime.