Founded in London, drenched was born out of a collective need to stay healthy, safe and hydrated in our current times, while doing our part to promote sustainable living and working towards a cleaner environment for the future.

As a brand, we create high quality solutions to solve this two-fold issue around the hydration and eco-friendly habits of our community through stylish reusable products that complement the typical active urban lifestyle.

Our Vision

We aim to promote and encourage the use of reusable sustainable items through our line of products purpose-built around our active, health-conscious urban customers. Our products are made durable and timelessly fashionable for this very reason.

So, let’s break it down...

Our Core Values

Providing quality hydration.

We understand that plain water is simply sometimes flavourless and a bit boring, especially when you need to consume 8 cups of it! Not only are just a few refills of our drenched water bottle enough to meet your daily hydration needs, but every single one of our bottles are bundled with stainless steel infuser pods. So you can create your own versions of tasty tea, herb or fruit infused detox-water. 

An eco-friendly approach.

We feel it is a collective responsibility to alter our consumer habits in a way that is better for the environment. With every product we create, from the materials of our bottle itself to the packaging it comes in, our goal is to minimise our ecological footprint on the planet.

More life, less plastic.

Single use plastics are one of the biggest factors of pollution in the environment. Humans produce almost 381 million tonnes of plastic waste yearly, and that number is only set to increase unless we take a collective stand. 

drenched water bottles are made of highly durable food grade stainless steel that makes them reusable for years and the perfect sustainable alternative to plastic water bottles. We’re doing our part to fight the plastic epidemic, join us! 

Consumer safety.

At drenched, our No. 1 priority is the health and safety of our customers.

Our bottles are BPA-free, free of all the toxins present in the standard plastic water bottle.

We also understand that with normal vacuum flasks, scalding by hot drinks continues to represent a risk, with new data from the Royal College of Surgeons showing that almost half of NHS burn admissions over the past five years have been due to hot food or drink scalding.

We have devised a solution to this problem by incorporating an LED touchscreen activated temperature display into the lid of our bottle. Now you can always be aware of how hot your drink is and avoid any accidental burns.